Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wine, Anyone?

Things are moving right along with the launch of Rosebud. Meridith Ford gave us a lovely mention on her blog; Bill Addison tweeted about us; new menus are almost finished; all the website content has been written and submitted; press kits have been written...

Thought I'd leave you with a few photos from today's wine and beer tasting - as we solidify the new wine menus and debate adding more draft beers it is a requirement to taste, taste, taste!
Stay tuned as we approach our July 6th launch!


  1. Please add some additional draft a great american IPA which is a great food beer. Looks like you and Jeff had a tough job.

  2. We are actually working on our draft beer selection now. I know we are adding Terrapin to the draft line-up and hopefully, we'll have a few more as well!