Thursday, June 18, 2009

The First Taste of Rosebud

Tuesday night we invited a few trusted palates into the restaurant for a new menu tasting. Ron has been working on new menu items for weeks now and he was finally ready to get some outside opinions on potential menu items for Rosebud's first menu.

Happily, the overall consensus was hugely positive. Everyone had their favorite dishes but two of the most commented dishes were our play on fish & chips - a garlic-anchovy dip with housemade potato chips,
and the chicken liver toast with bread & butter pickle gremolata and maple-port reduction.

Ron's wife, Pamela, a pastry chef formerly of Canoe, wowed everyone with homemade caramel corn and orange rosemary poundcake. After 11 courses and more than four hours of "tasting" everyone was stuffed and we are well on our way to a final menu!


  1. I can't believe none of us gals were a part of this. I am literally about to cry!

  2. I know; we hated to limit it but we'll make it up to you the next time you come in!!