Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Social Media Super Highway

Today Meryl and I had the pleasure of chatting with James Andrews of BeEverywhere. To say that James is a social media guru would be a grave under-statement. For just more than an hour James inspired us with his thought provoking commentary regarding social media and public relations. He even ran a live feed of the meeting for a few minutes on an application that he referred to as USTREAM. Apparently this is some type of social media app that has yet to be released to the general public. It is certainly amazing how the entire scope of public relations has shifted from one absolute, printed source to a community of thinkers eager to share and grow ideas. If you actually took just a moment to reflect on all the avenues of social media that exist and prosper, you would be astonished, if not completely overwhelmed. From a restaurant/food standpoint, social media has definitely moved from a "side dish" to "center of the plate" item. Obviously, as a restaurant owner this concept can seem downright scary...Just what I need, another variable that can and does have a huge impact on my business, in which I have no control. Meryl and I have certainly debated this particular issue time and time again...Leaving the meeting, I see my alternative as quite simple...I do the best to control the variables inside the four walls of this restaurant, while I continue to expand the parameters of a traditional chef/owner by feeding people with more than just good, sustainable foods...feed them with creative and sometimes humorous thoughts. Perhaps this can be just as comforting as a plate of fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

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