Thursday, September 3, 2009

Introducing The Angry Chef

Well as things as Rosebud continue to stabilize and we keep approaching a state of normality (if there is such a thing in a restaurant), the staff and I have had an opportunity this week to take a step back and see "where we've been thus far," and see "where we need to go". Actually, knowing "where to go" isn't nearly as challenging, as knowing "how to get there." Well there is no doubt that this week our journey took us down the social media highway. After much coaxing I set up a Facebook page, which I am quickly getting addicted to, and after some careful discussion, Meryl and I decided that it was time to get me tweeting. Well like everything else that we do, we wanted to approach this task with a certain level of creativity and humor. However, we also wanted to deliver a product of substance, thus keeping continuity with the very foundation of Rosebud. Well folks, we present to you, @theangrychef. I think at this point in my restaurant career, while I am still very much enamored by the food (which is obvious, considering my figure), I am also extremely intrigued by the people who patronize our restaurant. There is no doubt that a restaurant can certainly serve as a stage for the study of humanity. And boy, do those studies get interesting and downight funny (especially after a few glasses of wine)...And after all, if we cannot laugh at ourselves and at eachother, what do we have left in this world. While my exploration with Twitter will present funny ancedotes and interesting scenarios, it will by no means convey a sense of malice or resentment...To be honest, it will probably not even be angry (The Angry Chef, just sounds a little better than The Funny Chef). It will simply bring to life the very "punchlines" that make Rosebud tick. I look forward to chatting with you @theangrychef.

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