Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mexican Coke & A Smile

For the past eighteen months, the craze surrounding Mexican Coke seems to continue to build momentum. Just get on the Internet and check out the several Facebook pages dedicated to this tasty beverage, as well as some interesting articles ranging from The New York Times to Garden & Gun. However, for as much popularity as this beverage has garnered, I still encounter a number of curious guests on weekly basis who have a no idea what Mexican Coke is. As first mention, the person I am chatting with usually can't disguise the sly smile that takes their face over...I guess the mere phrase evokes some provocative thoughts. Truth be told, nothing could be cleaner or more pure than the taste of this elixir gliding down your throat. I'm usually good for two or three a day, alternating it with Orange Crush as my "morning coffee." So for those of you who have yet to taste the extraordinary difference between the ordinary high fructose corn syrup sweetened American version and its naturally sweetened Mexican counterpart, you have no idea what you're missing. There is something to be said about the simple pleasures in life...And Mexican is certainly one of them.

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