Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Roundup

Thanksgiving was a busy day at Rosebud! Here is some of the preparation that went into making our holiday successful:

Ron smoked his turkeys on his custom-made smoker, Bertha.
He also smoked some of his hams, which were served with a Mexican Coke glaze and braised cherry chutney.

We served 32 turkeys, 9 hams, over 110 pounds of mashed potatoes, 40 pounds of pimento cheese, 80 pounds of brioche stuffing, and 240 pumpkin tarts. It took great deal of time, effort and food to stuff 320 guests during their Thanksgiving meal. We are extremely grateful to have fed so many people this year, but the relief from knowing that we are finished with Thanksgiving until next year is priceless!

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